Spellbound Siberian Cats

June 2019 Updates

Mirra gave birth to her Litter C on Friday, June 7, 2019! (All are reserved.) Five little fluffballs are now running all around and waiting for their new owners to select which kitten is going to which family (which will happen in about three weeks, when they are six weeks old). These pics are from the day they were born, but I’ll add newer ones as soon as I’m able…

Speaking of photos: We just did a photo shoot for Iriska’s Litter D!!! They’ll be heading to their new homes in just a couple of weeks: They’ll all be staying in Texas, and most of them aren’t going very far at all: Zen, Yoshi, Stormie, and Neo will all be living in Frisco! Misha is going just a bit farther (to Euless), and Sampson will be the farthest away (down in Austin).

Iriska’s next litter is expected in August and we anticipate Mirra’s in October. You can see how many deposits on each litter on our Available Kittens/Future Litters page, and you can place a deposit through our store when you’re ready.

(As always, if there aren’t enough kittens for the number of deposits, or if you change your mind or need to back out before the kittens are born, we will happily refund your deposit once we receive another to replace it , which never seems to take very long.)

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