Spellbound Siberian Cats

July 2019 Updates

After Mama was spayed last fall the other cats started being not very nice to her… We tried to wait it out to see if it might get better, but after almost a year it was just getting worse. She spent most of her time hiding, and it was obvious that she was depressed.

We had JUST started talking seriously about trying to find a new home for her when an angel walked through our door to see our kittens. While chatting with her we ended up telling her about poor Mama and she decided, on the spot, that she would rather take Mama than get the kittens she had come to place deposits on.

It was really hard to let her go, especially with so little warning, but after only a little over a month we’re convinced we made the right decision. We miss her every day, but Mama is SO happy in her new home! (And for once SHE is the youngest in the house…!)

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