Spellbound Siberian Cats


Unlike most other breeders, we do offer refunds, because we do understand the curves life can throw. But because this is our primary income, and because of the amount of time and other work we put into educating and guiding people both before and after making a deposit—not to mention the work involved in adjusting our waiting lists and finding new owners, and stress on the cats and kittens in the case of kittens being returned—it won't be a full refund and there may be a slight delay in sending it. (We can only make a refund after we have received a new deposit or payment from someone else to cover it.)

If you need to back out we will refund 50% of your most recent kitten payment, after subtracting non-refundable items. 

Non-refundable items:

  • Upgrade (Priority Waitlist/Selection, Early Selection) fees
  • non-refundable processing fees
  • sales tax that has already been paid to the state