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Spellbound Siberian Cats is a small, cage-free, in-home cattery located about 10 minutes east of McKinney, Texas, about an hour north of Dallas.  Our cats all live inside, as part of our family, and our kittens are raised underfoot.

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Carole will usually be the one you talk to (though Clint might field some of the e-mails).

I always answer as quickly as possible ("Always," Clint adds), and my job does NOT end when a kitten leaves us.  I'm definitely here for you if you need me!

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A kitten is a lifetime investment, a pet that can be a family member for 15 or more years.

That’s why the breeder you choose matters so much.

So why choose Spellbound Siberian Cats?

Spellbound kittens are raised in our house, with us, as pets and family members, not in cages or separate rooms from us. They’re exposed to people of all kinds all the time, and all the commotion and sounds of normal life.  Our owners love how much their kittens love people, and how bulletproof they are, from week one.  (See just how much in the Reviews below!)

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5 out of 5 • based on the opinion 17 people
Raabia Ansari recommends Spellbound Siberian Cats

October 16, 2021
Raabia Ansari Spellbound Siberian Cats

October 16, 2021
I got my first cat from here and I'm so glad. I'm pretty allergic but had no problems with these cats. Carole raises them super well and they're all cared for. They each have their own personality. They're all very sociable. Mine specifically is the best though hahah jk
We have two phenomenal cats (we still think of them as kittens though they’re 18 months old now) from Spellbound. They have immeasurably improved our world. They are totally well-adjusted, love each other, and love us. They have yet to meet a stranger - they love all people. I think that is because Of the environment they are in as babies. Can’t recommend Carole highly enough!
Mich Elle recommends Spellbound Siberian Cats

January 28, 2021
Mich Elle Spellbound Siberian Cats

January 28, 2021
Today is our Spellbound Siberian cat’s 4th birthday! Our cat Gus has been the purr-fect match to our family! He is absolutely a gem to us.
We want to thank Carole and Clint for all the love and dedication they do for honoring the wonderful Siberian cats breed. They are communicative, good in screening, matching and thorough screening. They genuinely care about their cats, kittens and the homes they go to. Thank you so much Carole and Clint!
No one has had any major allergies being around him. He’s actually changed quite a few “I’m not a cat person” people’s perspective on cats.
Pictures don’t even capture how stunning beautiful his eyes and coat both are . Most of all his Siberian personality shines and irresistibly loving.
He loves to talk with sweet little meows. He personality is affectionate, sweet and social, and nurturing. He’s laid-back-easy-going, and super smart on learning things. He’s friendly to everyone and no one is a stranger to him. It’s fun how playful is, playing fetch and chasing a laser light with his dog brother. He brings the family so much joy!
Can’t go wrong with a Spellbound Siberian cat!
For more information from my INITIAL experience and recommendation 4 YEARS AGO about Spellbound Siberian Cats with Carole & Clint, click the post comments. And check out Gus’s album pics, irresistible and beyond our expectations .
Linleigh Alford Spellbound Siberian Cats

April 25, 2020
Carole & Clint raise fabulous kittens! They are welcoming and transparent, and treat you more like family than a client. Adopting Remi was a smooth and easy process, and they let me hang out at their home multiple times to meet her and test out allergies. Carole is so intentional with every cat, and provided us with MORE THAN ENOUGH to get us started our first few weeks together. She gave us so many toys and goodies I started calling them “party favors!” I cannot recommend them enough - Remi is the most fabulous cat I’ve ever owned. Thank you Spellbound Siberians!!
Jose A Mota recommends Spellbound Siberian Cats

February 8, 2020
Jose A Mota Spellbound Siberian Cats

February 8, 2020
We brought Phoebe home last year. We choose a Siberian to avoid allergies. After thoroughly researching where to get our kitten, we decided to go with Spellbound Siberians and we are so pleased we did. Carol and her family are intimately involved with the breeding and they deliver healthy and lovable kittens. Phoebe is our first pet ever and so, we needed a lot of guidance. Carol has provided that guidance with expert comments and suggestions. We are so glad we brought Phoebe home and that she was born at Spellbound Siberians.
Sarah Martin recommends Spellbound Siberian Cats

August 29, 2019
Sarah Martin Spellbound Siberian Cats

August 29, 2019
I can't give enough positive feedback on our experience with Carole and Spellbound Siberian Cats. It is so obvious every step of the way that these cats are not just cared for, but loved.
As a business, I have been impressed with how communicative and helpful Carole has been and can say without any exaggeration that I have never dealt with a better breeder.
Our sweet kitten is so well adjusted and full of energy. (Not to mention just beautiful!)
Jennie Jones recommends Spellbound Siberian Cats

December 29, 2018
Jennie Jones Spellbound Siberian Cats

December 29, 2018
We absolutely adore our kitten we purchased from Spellbound (Mira’s first litter)! Carol and her family do such an amazing job of raising sweet, well-socialized kittens, we could not be more happy with our little guy! Thank you, Spellbound!
Laura Shires recommends Spellbound Siberian Cats

February 9, 2018
Laura Shires Spellbound Siberian Cats

February 9, 2018
Carole and her family do such a wonderful job raising these kittens! We picked up Ferdinand (now Boone) a few weeks ago and had such an easy transition. No accidents or furniture scratching + he’s already friends with our dog We highly recommend Spellbound Siberians!
Tara Janssen Cate recommends Spellbound Siberian Cats

December 19, 2017
Tara Janssen Cate Spellbound Siberian Cats

December 19, 2017
I decided to purchase this breed of cat due to my cat allergies. So far I am having none of my normal cat allergy issues. Our kitten came to us litter trained, weaned, healthy and acclimated to deal with 2 little ones 5 and under. Easy communication and lots of pictures as we waited until we could pick up our new pet. Highly recommend �

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