Spellbound Siberian Cats


Stuff you'll want/need to know

Breed Info

Lots of info about Siberian cats!  Read about the history of the breed, and about their appearance and personality.

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Allergy Info

If you’re allergic to cats, a Glycoprotein known as Fel d 1 is the most likely culprit. ...about 50 percent of Siberians have lower Fel d 1 levels than other cats, and about 15 percent of Siberians have levels so low that they can be safely placed in homes where people have severe allergies to cats.

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This page tells you our prices, what's included, and what happens at each stage of our purchase process.

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Check out our Available Kittens page to see if we have any of our hypoallergenic Siberian kittens for sale today (or sign up for our Wait List if they have all been reserved).