Spellbound Siberian Cats

October 2019 Updates

Everyone please welcome Onyx and Arabesque, our new male and our future queen who both arrived here from Moscow this morning!!

Onyx is a seal point Neva Masquerade and he comes from champion bloodlines with much variety in color, so we are very excited to see what colors of kittens he helps create!

Onyx (top row: as a kitten; bottom row: as an adult)

Arabesque is a little gray female with red splotches who looks like she could have been one of Mirra’s – just a little darker than we normally get from her. She is from the same cattery in Moscow, but unrelated to Onyx. She also comes from champion bloodlines and we look forward to seeing kittens from her sometime next Summer or Fall.

Arabesque, our future queen (5 months old)

They had a very long flight from Moscow to Tokyo to Dallas, and we are giving them a chance to relax in the relative calm and quiet of our bedroom before introducing them to the other cats in a couple of days.

Stay tuned… We will post updates as we have them. ???

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