Spellbound Siberian Cats

May 2018 Updates

Happy news, part one:
Iriska is definitely pregnant again! Based on when she was in heat, this litter (Litter B) will be due the last week of June, which means they will be ready for new homes around the beginning of September.  We can’t see her bump yet, but we can definitely feel it!  We have three or four deposits towards this litter already, but will accept a couple more just in case this is another large litter.   (As always, if there aren’t enough kittens for the number of deposits, or if you change your mind or need to back out before the kittens are born, we will happily refund your deposit once we receive another to replace it .)

Happy news, part two:
We have selected our next queen and are in the process of arranging for her to be flown in from Ukraine!

Her name is Mirra Dubravushka. She’s a red smoke, born May 5 2017. (We’re hoping that with her being only a few months younger than Iriska, the two of them will become friends and playmates…) Obviously we don’t know when our newest queen will go into heat or have her first litter, but we’ll let y’all know as soon as we do…

Happy news, part three:
For anyone who doesn’t want to wait for either Iriska or Mirra’s kittens, we have another option: the breeder we are getting Mirra from has a few younger kittens available (1-6 months old at the moment). Any of her kittens that are at least three months old can generally be shipped as soon as payment is received and can arrive here in a week or less!  I’ll be adding an album with photos of available kittens to our store if anyone is interested…

If you would like to place a deposit towards this any of our litters, please visit our store.

Mama is now retired…

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