Spellbound Siberian Cats

June 2018 Updates

Congrats to Iriska and Gāb!  Iriska gave birth to Litter B on June 24, 2018—SEVEN happy, healthy kittens! 

At first glance it appears that we have three females and four males, and we’ll update that once they’re older and more sure.  We already have five deposits towards this litter and one of the owners has already told us that he may want to reserve a second kitten as well, so if you think you want one of these kittens you’ll need to place your deposit ASAP.

Our new queen is here!!! Her name is Mirra Dubravushka. She’s a red smoke, born May 5 2017.  She arrived from Ukraine on June 20 and she and Gāb immediately hit it off.  She was in heat for nearly a week and we’ll be shocked if she isn’t pregnant already.  If she is, we expect her litter to arrive around the last week of August and we are accepting deposits now.   

(As always, if there aren’t enough kittens for the number of deposits, or if you change your mind or need to back out before the kittens are born, we will happily refund your deposit once we receive another to replace it , which never seems to take very long.)

Mirra (Mirra Dubravushka)

If you would like to place a deposit towards any of our litters, current or future, please visit our store.

Mama is now retired…

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