Spellbound Siberian Cats

January 2018 Updates

Mama’s Litter F was born January 12, 2018!  There are three kittens this time (my guess, at birth, is two females and one male—but it’ll be weeks before we know for sure).  Two of the kittens have already been reserved, which leaves us with one available kitten.  (We won’t know which is still available until the first two owners have selected their kittens, which happens when the kittens are around 4-5 weeks old.)

We’re planning to let Mama retire to a kitten-free life sometime this year, so if you want to enjoy one of the incredible kittens we’ve come to expect from her and Gāb, this will be one of the last opportunities!

If you would like to place a deposit towards this litter (or any future litter), please visit our store.

Our new queen, Iriska (she flew in from Ukraine on November 15), is definitely pregnant!  Her tummy is getting rounder, and she’s eating as much as Mama and Gāb combined!  (It’s a bit hard to see under all her fluff, but we’ll try to get some pics showing her tummy off soon….)

We’ve already accepted three deposits toward her first litter, so if you would like to get one of our first Iriska-Gab babies, make your deposit soon, and stay tuned!

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