Spellbound Siberian Cats

February 2018 Updates

Iriska’s kittens are here, born February 10, 2018! 

She had five kittens (possibly three males and two females… we’ll know more clearly in a few weeks) and all are doing great!

Mama’s litter turned five weeks old on Friday, and my early guess was right on: two females and one male!

All kittens from both litters have now been reserved, but it is not uncommon for someone to tell us they need to wait for a future litter after paying a deposit, so if you’d like, you can pay your deposit now to get in line in case it happens again!  (If it doesn’t, you would be at or near the head of the line for the next litter.)

If you would like to place a deposit towards this any of our litters, please visit our store.

We’re planning to let Mama retire to a kitten-free life sometime this year, so if you want to enjoy one of the incredible kittens we’ve come to expect from her and Gāb, time is running out….

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