Spellbound Siberian Cats

December 2018 Updates

Congrats to Iriska and Gāb!  Iriska gave birth to her third litter, Litter C, on November 21, 2018—three dark-gray, three light-gray, for a total of six fat and happy kittens!  This litter has already been reserved (by the end of September!), and we’re already receiving deposits on her next litter due probably around mid-March and on Mirra’s next litter which will be due in late January.  So if you’d like to make one of these handfuls of furriness part of your family, you should place your deposit soon to ensure your place in line!

Deposits can be paid on our store page: www.spellboundsiberiancats.com/store

For more frequent updates, please follow us on Facebook (because it’s SO much faster and easier to post there than here!) www.facebook.com/spellboundsiberiancats

(As always, if there aren’t enough kittens for the number of deposits, or if you change your mind or need to back out before the kittens are born, we will happily refund your deposit once we receive another to replace it , which never seems to take very long.)

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