Spellbound Siberian Cats

Christmas Kitten, anyone?

We have a kitten available right now!

One of our owners has postponed until next year, so suddenly one of our Christmas litter–they’ll be ready to go home shortly before Christmas–is available. We’ve been receiving multiple inquiries a week, so be sure to get a deposit down right away if you want to be sure to catch this one! Through the website is the fastest way, but feel free to call or text us as well. Just go to our store page and pay the deposit for an unspecified male or female if you know which you want, or for Kitten TBD if you aren’t sure which.

Price increase–and new cats–coming, so act now!

We’re in the final stages of selecting at least one more female to breed, ensuring we’ll have enough kittens to satisfy all the inquiries we’ve been receiving. More cats means more of everything else, too, though, so we’ll be raising our price per kitten from $1200 to $1500 effective with our litter due in January.

We know it takes time for everyone to check back in, so we’re making a deal: Any deposits made by the end of Sunday, October 15, will lock in our current price. That’s a savings of almost $325. Again, just visit the Spellbound store and make a deposit for an unspecified male or female if you’re sure of that, or for Kitten TBD if you aren’t. Stay tune for news on our new lady (ladies?)!

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