Spellbound Siberian Cats

Mama Litters

February 2018 Updates

Iriska’s kittens are here, born February 10, 2018!  She had five kittens (possibly three males and two females… we’ll know more clearly in a few weeks) and all are doing great! Mama’s litter turned five weeks old on Friday, and my early guess was right on: two females and one male! All kittens from both litters […]

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January 2018 Updates

Mama’s Litter F was born January 12, 2018!  There are three kittens this time (my guess, at birth, is two females and one male—but it’ll be weeks before we know for sure).  Two of the kittens have already been reserved, which leaves us with one available kitten.  (We won’t know which is still available until

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Christmas Kitten, anyone?

We have a kitten available right now! One of our owners has postponed until next year, so suddenly one of our Christmas litter–they’ll be ready to go home shortly before Christmas–is available. We’ve been receiving multiple inquiries a week, so be sure to get a deposit down right away if you want to be sure to catch

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Mama Litter B

Our kittens (Mama and Gāb’s Litter B, born August 8, 2016) are seven weeks old today, and our last female was just reserved. Ellie, Rose, Cloud, Loki, George, Theo, Mr. Boos If you would like to reserve a kitten from our next litter, please pay your deposit for an unspecified male or female if you know which you want,

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Mama and Gāb Litter A

Not Mama’s first litter, but her first with us, and we’re beyond excited! Six of the cutest kittens we’ve ever seen (not that we’re biased at all… lol) were born on April 13, 2016. Kiki Lala and Jellybean will be living in Chicago; Borish and Natasha will be living in Colorado; Babs and Dash will

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Wow, that was a fast birth!

Our mama kitty (Rossity Ulissa) just gave birth to six kittens in just over two hours! The first two were only four minutes apart (the smallest kitten first, followed by the largest), and the rest were spaced progressively farther apart. Baby 1, 8:50, boy, 3 oz Baby 2, 8:54, boy, 4 oz Baby 3, 9:08,

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